Theresa Gorga Biography:

Theresa Gorga was born on 18 May 1972 in Paterson, New Jersey. She is an American author and television personality

Theresa Gorga Net Worth:-

So Theresa, how rich is Jude? Teresa Giudice has a net worth of $1Million. As of mid-2017,

Theresa Gorga Net Worth:-

From celebrity money it is estimated that her net worth is actually minus $11 million,

Theresa Gorga Parents and Family:

Her parents were immigrants from Italy who emigrated to America and gave birth to Teresa.

Teresa Giudice Education:

After high school matriculation, Theresa went to Berkeley College to study fashion marketing, after which she worked as an associate buyer for Macy's.

Teresa Giudice Career:

She has also appeared on the covers of magazines such as OK Magazine, People Magazine, US Weekly and Life & Style.

Teresa Giudice Career:

Teresa then started her own jewelry business, and created her own line of jewelry.

Teresa Giudice's personal life:

She also appeared in Donald Trump's The Celebrity Apprentice Five in 2012 and actually ranked fifth.

Teresa Giudice Bankruptcy:

Filed for bankruptcy in 2009, it was estimated that his debt could be as high as $11 million.

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