Woman Who Lost House in Anne Heche Car Crash “Fortunate” to Be Alive, Neighbor Says

The woman whose home was destroyed in Ann, Haiti’s recent car crash is rebuilding her life with the help of her community. Lynn Michelle’s neighbor Lynn Bernstein tells People the tenant was extremely fortunate to survive the accident with no injuries. This is after the 53-year-old actress crashed her car into the Los Angeles residence on Friday morning, causing it to catch fire. Michelle’s pets, two dogs and a tortoise were also unharmed.

According to Bernstein, Haiti’s blue Mini Cooperdrove almost all the way through the house and almost immediately caught fire. The Los Angeles Fire Department told People. The accident resulted in a structural compromise and suddenly a massive fire broke out in the one-story house. Hayes has been hospitalized and intubated after suffering burns and her rep told People on Saturday that she is currently in stable condition.

According to a release. It took 59 firefighters over an hour to extinguish the flames and extract hay from the driver’s seat. Witnesses told TMZ that Hayes first crashed into an apartment complex garage before she reversed and sped off, according to KTLA. Hash then reportedly ran a stop sign and drove through some large privacy bushes before colliding with the home shortly after. The owners of the house have since launched a GoFundMe to help Michelle cover the loss of the place she loves and most of her belongings.

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